I know why Elmer Fudd hated rabbits

Earlier this week I noticed that my tomato plants were looking a little sad.  They were really wilting.  It has been over 100 almost every day in June, so I assumed I was just not watering enough.  I decided that maybe I needed to water twice a day.

That did not do anything to help the cause.

Friday morning I decided that I really needed to figure out what was going on.  I pulled out the Miracle grow and some insect repellent.  Whatever it was, I was determined to get to the bottom of it.

The bottom of it was the problem!

The rabbits ate right through the tomato plant stems!  Oh, I was so mad!  I finally had a good garden going…between the birds and the rabbits…this meant war.

I had put up bird netting, but it had come off of the back fence so the birds were getting in and eating the tomatoes.  I tried to get the bird netting sealed around the bottom the best I could until I could make something more permanent.

Wade went and got me pvc pipe so I could build a better structure to hold up the netting.  Friday evening I cut all the pieces and got it ready to put in the garden.

Saturday morning proved to be even more disappointing.  More tomato plants were ruined… chewed right through the bottom of the stem.  The funny thing was, they were still in the cages and so the rabbits couldn’t even get to the fruit.  I set up the bird netting with the structure I built.  It was sealed all the way to the bottom.  There was no way the birds or rabbits were getting in…at least I thought.

to be continued…

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