Rabbits and Chicken Wire…part 2

After searching online and discussion the options, Wade and I decided the best thing to keep the rabbits out was going to be chicken wire.  When Wade left for Home Depot Stacey commented, “Why do we need chicken wire?  We don’t have any chickens.”  I love how 4-year olds think!


With it being the 4th of July, and needing to get out to my mom’s for a party, there was no way I was going to be able to put up the chicken wire today (at least not without having a heat stroke).  With the new structure I built, there was no way the rabbits were getting through the bird netting.

Instead they dug under the whole thing.

Seven more plants gone.

I think I have lost somewhere around 15 tomato plants total this past week.  (I planted about 25.)

Now the whole thing is surrounded by chicken wire, stapled to the wood.  The back part along the fence is surrounded by bricks so they will not be able to dig under the fence.

If they can get in after this…I give up this year.