Learning New Things

This morning the weather man told us to get a bunch of movies and just stay inside…it is too hot to do anything!  Crazy me…I decided to go roller blading this morning and it was already 83 at 6:30am!  Yuck!

So we followed directions and stayed inside.  I taught Sydney how to make a lanyard…something I learned in 1st grade at Girl Scout camp.  I have to say, she did better than my 5th graders when I taught them!  I only had to show her 3 times before she had the hang of it.

Stacey, not wanting to be outdone, showed me she knew how to tie her shoes.  Mind you…she just turned 4 last week.  I am a FIRM believer in getting them tie shoes until they figure it out.  No velcro in this house!  It is a HUGE PAIN to constantly be tying toddler shoes, but now both of my girls learned at 4 how to do it.  🙂

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