about me

5 6 random things about me

1- I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  Amen.

2- I got married at 19, bought my first house when I was only 20 and my second house when I was 29.  It does not end there…we are living the dream of owning a small piece of land where we pretend we are homesteaders.

3- I am a totally 80’s girl.  I was a huge fan of Cabbage Patch Dolls, puffy stickers with googly eyes, Punky Brewster and George Michael (ok…still am a fan of GM).

4- I don’t like the dark.  Not that I am scared of the dark…but I am not productive when it gets dark outside.  My mind says dark=bedtime.  So if it gets dark at 5pm, I want to go to bed, but if it is light by 5am…I am ready to take on the world.  I also feel like nothing bad will happen when the sun is shining.

5- I collect things.  Not just anything…but whatever my current crafty thing is.  For example, I can’t just buy a stamp pad for my rubber stamps, I have to buy every color.  You never know when you might need THAT particular color.

6- I am so lucky to have a loving husband, 2 beautiful girls and small number of various other animals.

If you are interested, I keep an educational blog over at www.knowledgecornerstone.com 😉

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