The Growing Garden

So far, this has been my best year when it comes to the garden.  I still have it under control (sorta) and we are actually able to eat what is being produced!

I am a little disappointed in my tomato purchases from Home Depot.  They have not gotten very big.  (The ones I started from seeds are doing great!)

Here is the garden now.

We have mini pumpkins growing (I did not think they would grow…but they are doing the best!).

Huge sunflowers.

Cauliflower (an experiment).

Even some leftover morning glories from a couple years ago (darn things! I keep picking them and they just grow right back!)

Carrots (although Daisy has rearranged the carrots so this is a very small patch compared to what we planted…the rest never grew).

Not in the garden, but on the back of the garage, our luffa is starting to grow.

And under that we have onions…1015s! I am most excited about those! I love onions. And they seem to be doing the best of anything!

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