The Dog Feeder

Yes, it is similar to a deer feeder.  It is set to go off at 6:15am, 6:15pm and 9:30pm.  We can set the times and amounts.  Why??? Because we have a lab.  She thinks each time she eats it will be her last.  I can just hear her saying, “Steak and lobster, steak and lobster” as she inhales her food. And her internal clocks tells here when it is “close” to feeding time.  This contraption does not associate us with her feeding, so she does not annoy us…without end….waiting…for her last meal.

Well, the $80 contraption broke a couple weeks ago.  Just the paddles that regulate the amount of food.  Pretty soon, our slim and trim Daisy had put on several pounds.  Being the frugal people we are [insert smirk here]…I took it apart.  Wade had the idea to use a milk jug to replace the original paddles.  Due to the design, I ended up gluing the new ones on the old ones.

So far so good.  Daisy has lost a few pounds and has stopped pacing by us for her last meal.

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