Jello Watermelons

I have several blogs that I follow…mainly photography blogs, but some are artsy crafty ones.  This idea is from one of my 87 (literally) blogs…I wish I could find the original to link it.  Oh well.

Here is what we made, then I will show you how I did it.

I thought this would be a fun summer activity to do with the girls.  I was wrong.  It took me almost 45 minutes just to scrap out the limes.  Limes don’t peel like oranges.  I cut the limes in half and then I used a knife to cut most of the insides out.  I flipped them inside out to scrape out the rest.

*I should have left some lime on the rind…the oils in the rind made the jello sour.

I put the lime halves in a muffin tin to keep them level.

They have watermelon jello, but I wanted a nice bright red, so I used strawberry jello and poured it into the halves.  Make sure to use the “jiggler” recipe or the jello will slide out of the halves (which we discovered the next morning).

I put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes to let them start to congeal.  Then I pulled them out and put in mini chocolate chips with a skewer for the seeds.

After several hours, I took them out and sliced them in half again.  Wade could not stand to watch me with a knife, so he took over.

The girls thought they were cool!  Spur of the moment, some friends invited us over for dinner so we got to share our creation.

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