The Garden 2011

I say this every year, but here we go again.  This is like my 14th year planting a garden.  Hopefully this time we will actually get some produce this time!  We got some dirt from the soil supermarket.  This was a first for us, as we usually get bagged dirt.  Wade heard it was “cleaner.”  Clean or not, dirt from the soil supermarket is cheap…and we will buy from there again!

Not exactly a before picture…this was after moving almost a yard into the garden.  (And no we never did level the garden out).

The random cabbage is Sydney’s.  Never in a million years would I have thought that we would be able to grow cabbage.  Every 3rd grader got a cabbage plant to take home and grow.  The biggest cabbage gets $1000 for their school to start a garden.  Sydney’s plant had 2 in it and now, even after the frost, we have 2 cabbages growing.  I can’t wait for April to turn these in!  (And in the fall we might try to grow some on our own!)

After our luffa experiment last year, I figured out that the bees did a great job of pollinating (as much as I hate the stingy things!!!).  In an effort to attrack {{{cringe}}} more bees, we bought flowers to put in and around the garden.  Not sure if these are the bee attracting types, but it is worth a shot.

I also broke down this year and actually bought tomato plants to start.  I did start a bunch of seeds as well, but the plants will get us started and they already have fruit…so that means I have succeeded in some ways!  🙂

Stupid me for thinking Daisy would stay out of the garden this year.  I had to put up the fencing again…she was already knocking down my mounds!

One of the things I have thought is that this area of the yard is very shaded in the afternoons (one of the reasons we picked this lot…we have a wonderfully shaded backyard in the heat of the day!).  I am going to experiment this year and put some pots of tomato plants on the patio that will receive full sun the majority of the day.

I bought just cheap plain white pots and some red and yellow plastic spray paint.  I must have done something wrong because the paint scratches of EASILY! I am so disappointed in it.

One last thing…we planted onions…and lots of them.  I found a bunch of 1015 bulbs at Home Depot and was pumped to try my hand at them!  I love 1015’s (an onion that A&M came up with) broiled with a little sugar and Worcestershire sauce.  Yum!!!

Wish us luck!!!

Our Garden Friend

I am not sure why I wait so long to weed the garden.  It makes for a painful (literally) experience when I put it off until it is so overgrown.  I can’t believe that I did not get one edible thing out of the garden this year.  🙁  I am thinking I might plant fall tomatoes and see how that does.

As I was weeding and cussing Eve for eating the stupid fruit…the whole reason we have weeds to begin with… I mean really, I can handle child birth…it is a one time thing (or 2), but weeding…it happens several times a year!  Seriously!  Anyway…I ran into this guy.  The funny thing, DD#2 could not stop checking him out.  High heels and all… Such a tomboy for being a girly-girl!

The Luffa Experiment

I found THIS website last year and thought it was kinda interesting.  After poking around for a while (and found that you can even use luffa for toilet paper!) I decided I wanted to try to grow some.  My mom and I ordered some seeds and waiting until the spring to plant.  I planted mine mid-March (since the harvest time was so long).  I planted 8 seeds and attached lattice work to the back of the garage.  I did not know what to expect as we patiently waited for the stuff to start growing.  It was it sprouted WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY later than everything else in the garden, so I was thinking it would not work.

This picture was taken May 15th.

This is how the current garden looks:

There are BIG HUGE YELLOW flowers that bees and wasps just LOVE!  I HATE…HATE….HATE those things.  All of them!  There were some BIG HUGE black and yellow BUMBLE BEES today.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  When I get brave enough I might take a picture of them because they look cool…but I’m still scared of them.  Yes, I am a big weeny.

Because of the bees, I told Wade I think we need to take the whole thing down…even though this seems to be the ONE thing I can grow!!!  I decided to pull a couple of the luffa and see what has come of them.  I pulled an “original” one that has been on the vine for about a month now, as well as one that has just grown.  I took them inside and cut the ends off and began peeling.  This is what I ended up with:

Pretty COOL!  Next I opened the one that just grew in the last week or so.  It was TOTALLY different.  I am afraid I am going to have to wait until they get a bit “older” before I pull them from the vine.  The website where I found this said that they wait until the first frost before pulling them off the vine.  That means another 5 months before I could get them.  I can’t have bees until then!