The Somewhat Controlled Garden

Not sure what possessed me, but I decided at about 8:15 yesterday to go outside and weed the garden.  It was bothering me THAT much!  I found that in a day the tomato horned worms were back with a vengeance.  Every year, they come…I never know when, so I just have to watch for them.  In a day they will eat all of the leaves off of an entire tomato plant.  And let me tell you…they leave BIG poop behind!  If they weren’t such a menace…they are very pretty.  I pick most of them off by hand, then I resort to Seven dust.  I have tried natural things, but nothing KEEPS them off.

I mentioned my luffa in the last post.  After looking at it a little more closely, I found that I had 2 HUGE fruits!  They are well over 12 inches long.  I just might get a few luffa scrubs out of this crazy plant!

I found this guy hanging out in the corn.  He was pretty big.  Not sure what kind of spider he is.

And after 2.5 hours is the humidity and heat…this is what I ended up with.  I swear I lost at least 10 pounds just from sweating.  I am pretty sure I had a mild case of heat exhaustion when it was all said and done.  Felt pretty dizzy and had a headache.   I still need to pull the corn, but I didn’t want to disturb the spider.  We have too many flies in our backyard right now to get rid of ANYTHING that will help with that!  (Not to mention the bug zapper is hidden in the luffa.)

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  1. October,
    I think that’s a Garden Spider. It makes an interesting web doesn’t it?

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