Playhouse- Part I

I follow way too many blogs to even talk about…but this one in particular is AWESOME!  It is called Knock Off Wood.  It is a lady in Alaska that spends time designing and making furniture that looks like something you would buy from Pottery Barn.  She posted plans for a playhouse a couple weeks ago, so Wade and I decided it was time to start rebuilding ours that we tore down last year.  With our teeny-tiny backyard and VERY unlevel ground, we started working.

We built the frame first so that we could square it up and use it as a template for the 4 posts.

Next we put the posts in the ground then leveled the template and put the bolts in it through the 4 posts.  The girls were very helpful during this part.

Sydney helped Wade hold down the wood as he cut the pieces.  Stacey, well I don’t know what she was doing.

Then we added the underneath supports for the deck.

That is when I got to go to work on the deck.  Notice how the girls have a hammer and crowbar???

Here are the girls just before the storm in the background moved through.  We had most of the deck finished…we just had to rip 3 boards for the ends and middle.

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