Playhouse- Part III

To continue the saga of the playhouse, I dove back into working on it (yes, this project started in May and it is now August).  Mind you, it is now the hottest part of the summer here in Houston, TX.  The heat index is over 100 everyday.  But I wanted to have this finished before school started so I needed to work on it as much as possible.

To back up just a bit, when we left for vacation mid-June, Wade had the goal to get the siding on the frame that was already on the playhouse.  Without any help, and the monsoons that came through, the frame mildewed before the siding was put on.  The weekend prior, I unscrewed the frame from the deck and put it in a burn pile and we got new wood.

Having done it once already, we decided to put the siding on the frame, then put it on the house.  This would serve to square up the playhouse.  Before, we put the frame on the deck and then planned on adding the siding. This is what it looked like the first time:

Here we are working on putting the siding on the frame:

Once that was complete, I shingled one of the roofing sheets.  Boy did that make it heavy!!!

Wade and Calvin were able to slide it up to the top where I screwed it in but we decided that was not the smartest idea, so the other side we decided to roof it like a traditional roof…while it was on top of the structure. I put in the windows just in time.  Monday afternoon…a VERY strong storm came through.  Wade and I were able to get the other 1/2 of the roof covered with tar paper and a tarp.

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