Pinterest Project FAIL

This was my very first “sorta” Pinterest project. My mom sent me a picture of a canvas she wanted me to make. Ok…cool. I can do that! It was a square canvas with a saying about peace on it. After doing some searching online for transferring, I found a “recipe” to make your own transfer paper.

I started by painting the canvas purple.

The directions I found said to spray a clear transparency sheet with spray gel and let it dry. Then using an inkjet printer, mirror the image and print on the dried gel. So far, so good.

Next, lay the transfer paper down and using a spoon (I used my bone folder), scrape the image onto the surface.


Nothing came off of the transparency. I did it like 3 times, washing the gel off, adding more, trying a thin layer of hairspray to coat it (which by the way just makes the ink run!). Finally realizing that it was the texture in the canvas, I gave up.

I repainted the canvas a light blue. Using a clean transparency, I ran it through my printer (just plain with nothing on it), and pressed the wet ink directly on the canvas. This worked the best and I was able to get enough off to go over it with marker.

Sharpies…right??? WRONG! The sharpies just bled into the cracks of the canvas. I found a fine black paintpen and went over the smudged sharpie which really cleaned it up. In a last ditch effort to make it look nice, I covered it with modpodge. ANOTHER FAIL!!!! It made the sharpies under the paintpen run with each stroke of the paint brush.



That was how I gave it to my mom. I did not even take a picture of it I was so mad. I gave up.

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