Pinterest Project #1- Crayon Art

Here is my first Pinterest project.

There are several floating around Pinterest, so I decided to kinda do my own thing. I had a canvas that I no longer wanted, so I painted over it with white acrylic paint (only because I did not have any Gesso).

I used a box of 64 crayons and took all the browns and skin colors out. (I did not take out the army green and I wish I had.) I took the wrappers off by slicing each one with an exacto and slipped right off. Then I cut off the point and cut them in 1/2 so they were about 1.5″ long. *I would make them 0.5-0.75″ long if I were doing this again. They were too long! There was too much wax to melt.

I wanted to make sure I had enough crayons (notice I used both pieces of the colors to double the amount I had) and laid them on the sketched heart.

Next, I glued them down with hot glue. The thing to keep in mind is that as the crayons melt, the hot glue shape will be left so I did my best to make sure it looked even.

Then came the fun part! (Make sure you do this on a drop cloth because the crayons drop off the canvas and make a mess!) I used a combination of my embossing gun and hair dryer. I started with the embossing gun heating the crayons enough so that I could tilt the canvas and the colors dripped. I made sure that I let the running colors dry before tilting the canvas another direction for the next color.

Next came the hair dryer. It has to be on high fan, high heat in order to work. Because of the high fan, the drips are not as controlled. You can see how I manipulated the canvas to try and get the look I wanted.

It got to the point that it became a big puddle of wax…not what I was looking for. So I spent some more time, remelting the puddles and letting them drip off the canvas. I really wanted the crayons pretty much gone.

NOT loving this at all. 🙁 I just keep working on blowing more wax off.

And it started working!  The key is to get the wax flowing in streams and not to mess those streams up.  Then let it cool, and move on to the next stream.  When a large portion gets hot (which happens very easily), it muddies them all together.

Final product.  (And a shout out to Stacey for taking some GREAT pictures!  My 6yo is going to put me out of my photography business!)

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