Utah- The best snow on earth!

(But I would not know with this crazy winter we are having!)

I had a training in Salt Lake City last week and while I was there I ventured out in the evenings. I have never been to Utah, but am looking forward to planning a trip back with the whole family! It was a really neat place! I only had my cell phone with me on this trip, but really learned how to get the most out of it taking pictures.

Flying over the Grand Canyon

Utah did have a bad snow storm the previous weekend. But it rained the day after I got there so most of it melted while I was there.

It really reminded me of the pretty parts of Colorado. (Because there are some really flat ugly parts of Colorado.) The mountains greet you at the airport.

Wade decided I need to start keeping a food blog when I travel. I found a microbrewery called Red Rock that had a WONDERFUL Fried Goat Cheese and Pear Salad with Pesto sauce. Mmmmmm…it was so good!

The training was at the University of Utah and this was their “cafeteria.” I could have sat in there all day!

I decided to head up to Park City (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics) one evening. Little did I know the Sundance Festival was going on. I luckily found parking and got out and walked around for a while. No…didn’t see anyone famous.

Did I mention it rained…and all the city snow melted?

They have a rail system that is free within certain downtown city blocks, and my hotel happened to be located in that area and the station was just across the street! Score! I was able to walk 8 blocks in to Temple Square, have dinner, then took the rail back.

I started at the Mormon Museum. I am not Mormon but I have an uncle and grandfather that are. I could never practice the religion to the extent that Mormons do, but I will say I admire their values and principles, especially when it comes to family and helping others. If we all lived like that, the world would be a better place! One of the museum curators was kind enough to take me on an 1 1/2 long personal tour of the museum. It was FABULOUS! I was so engrossed in his stories, that I realized when it was all over I did not take one picture! 🙁 Oh well…another reason to go back.

After the museum, I headed over to the Tabernacle. No, the choir was not practicing.

And then on to the temple. As a non-Mormon, you are not allowed into the temple because it is sacred. (Reserving my thoughts on that…) Of course the architecture of it is just amazing!

There are 2 visitor centers where there are several people to walk you through and explain things about the religion. I know this was designed this way on purpose, but I love this statue of Jesus and how the shadow on the wall looks as if He is leaning over the rail looking down.

There were some other buildings (some under renovation) in the square. But really a neat place to visit!

I really want to go back and drive up there in the fall…maybe a camping trip. So cool!

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  1. Jerry Clark - February 3, 2012

    Again, was really great stuff !!

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