The NEW Art Room

Isn’t it funny how it took only 2 hours to empty a room but it took over 2 days to put it back?

We have been painting and installing laminate flooring.  I am not sure why we decided to do it at the end of the summer/beginning of the school year…it is not like that is the BUSIEST time of the year (except for maybe Christmas)!!!

I have been dreading the day.

I swore that when we moved into the house, I would not move the art room until we moved out.  The shelves were NOT easy to put together…and well…I have an art room most people would be jealous of.  It is the one room in the house that I am overly anal about.  And as Wade says…I have a container fetish.

First, a little history behind the room.

The day we signed on our house and got the keys, I drove over and ripped up the carpet in the study and painted the floor.  I had asked that they not even lay carpet in the room, but since the builder owned the house until we signed on it, they refused.  So we have lived for the last 3 years with a rust colored, painted floor in the front room of our house.  Pretty tacky when you walk in the door.  Wade insisted on putting doors to the room so he could close it up so no one had to look at it.  In hind sight…that was a good call.

Here are the before pictures.  I am not sure why I do not have a whole room picture.

But the time has come.

We started in the back of the house laying floor and worked our way up to the front room.  There is only about 300 feet of laminate left to lay.  We cannot do it without taking apart the art room. 🙁

And apart the room came.  I had to put stuff in 5 different rooms to get it all out of the front room.

Wade…he is such a trooper.  He hates the stuff…but he finally is ok with it.  He felt like our “playroom” never really had a purpose.  It was an ugly catch-all room that was just there.  A space that was totally under-utilized.  Not any more.  He had a good time adjusting the shelves with me to make it all work.

And the final product…

Wait for it…


There are a few things that still need to be rearranged, but for the most part it is finished.  I am so glad.  I was dreading the day.  Now it will FOR SURE not be moved until we move out of the house.

The girls have their own space.  We use a sheet of MDF cut in half for their desk.  They can color, paint, glue on it, etc…  Every once in a while, I sand it down so it looks a bit cleaner (and it gets the glue spots and paint globs off).  They also have a computer to share right next to me.  I am within arms reach of helping with anything we do.

Stay tuned for the house remodel coming up in a few weeks!

2 thoughts on “The NEW Art Room

  1. You must have a lot more wall space next to the foyer than I remember, because I never would have thought all those shelves could fit to the right of the windows.

    I will say that I liked the layout of the room prior (mostly because I don’t like to have my back toward the entrance of the room, which kind of irks me about my own “playroom”), but I would bet that this layout really opens things up and makes for more space.

    I can’t wait to come over and see everything y’all have been working on!

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