Losing a cell phone

In the 16 years I have had a cell phone, I have yet to lose one.

When Wade and I got iPhones 4 years ago, they did not have insurance on them.  Fine.  We have never needed it before…so no big deal.  Well…that all changes when you drop your phone in a lake and can’t reach it.  I still have not *lost* a phone.

Luckily I keep everything backed up or in the cloud so I was not too concerned, I would just call AT&T on Monday and get a new phone.


I was informed that since I did not have insurance (which is now offered) and my contract was not up until October 2013, I would have to pay retail for the phone…to a tune of $650!!!  After searching I found that iPhone 4s are in demand and you basically can’t find them unless you want to pay the $650.  Sorry, I just can’t stomach that.  If I had insurance (at $7 a month), then I would just have to pay for a new phone at the new contract price ($200).

I started looking and found that to add a line it would only be $10 more dollars a month.  Wade and I have talked about having another phone for the girls if they go somewhere to take with them.  So…I ordered a refurbished iPhone 4s and when it came in, activated it to my number and bought a cheap phone from WalMart for the additional number.  Even at $10 a month for the next 2 years, plus the cost of a new phone, that $390 is still cheaper than $650!!!

Is it cheating?  Yes.  But we have had our account since 1992…they have made some money on us in those 20 years.  I don’t feel so bad.

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