Foundation work

Once we had access again to the property, the house building could continue.  The foundation guys came out and built out the most important part of the house.

First they put the outside frame down.

Next came the underground plumbing.

Then more dirt and sand.

Because of our soil type, we have to have 42″ beams around the perimeter of the foundation.

This took 2 days longer than the guys expected…so we missed our foundation pour.  The main sub kept telling us that we have a VERY strong foundation!  There is a ton of steel in the design.

This is the final day just after they put the re-bar on the top.  There is still a week before the pour, so they put plastic over the perimeter of the foundation in preparation for the rain we are supposed to have this weekend.  If it does rain, there is a deep trench in the back that will allow the water to drain out. And the guys also said they will bring in pumps to get out any remaining water.

From start to finish, this took exactly 3 weeks.

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