Building Cabinets- The Sinks

This was the super fun part…NOT.  I dropped both sinks in and they fit like a glove!

I will not tell you ALL about the difficulties with the hardware…but the biggest thing was the distance between the holes for the water lines, and the back of the 2×6 that was supporting the cabinets, was not enough room.  There was a lot of cursing, drilling and shipping to get the faucets to fit correctly.

AND there were a lot of trips to HD to get things like a longer line for the cold water…yes, the guy in the plumbing department knew very well what I was doing by the end of this project!

Had to take a break to put the medicine cabinet together.

And I checked to make sure the drawers functioned correctly.

Here was the most difficult task of all and took more than just a day to figure out.  I had to research the building codes to find out how to correctly install an additional drain pipe.  We did not want to break apart the wall to do this, so we opted to connect it to the original pipe.  I did find out it can be no more than 30″ from the main drainage pipe.  I also learned that it did not need a J trap on the second pipe.  That is there to prevent backup from sewage gases, and the first one accomplishes that.

After a lot of curing again, and MANY more trips to HD, I was able to correctly install and tighten all the pipes so that there were no leaks.  Yay me!

And the final product!!!  Running water, draining, and all!!!

Gutting the bathroom

Taking something apart is a whole lot easier than putting it back together.  The first part of our 2-week project was to gut the bathroom.  The toilet and tub stayed (much to DH’s disapproval).  DH wanted to replace the tub with a walk-in shower.  Thinking about resale, I did not think that was a good idea.  Anyone with children is going to want a tub right?

The mirror came down first, which made the room shrink in half!

After talking with my uncle, he mentioned to reuse the existing cabinets. Great idea! As I took out the drawers to look at how to convert it into a cabinet, we noticed how crappy the whole thing was. An executive decision was made and the cabinets came out. I would be building new ones. (((This project just got a lot more complicated!)))  Yes, the cabinets were made of flimsy panel board with a few pieces of particle board thrown in to look like it had some substance!

We knew that the tile was absent from under the cabinets, so what we built was going to have to fit within that 59″x23″ rectangle because I was not ripping up nor laying new tile.  One thing we were not prepared for was the AC drain pipe came into the sink drain.  We would have to keep that in mind when reconfiguring the plumbing.