Mother’s Day 2012

This year for mother’s day I wanted to give my mom something she could not buy anywhere else.  I found this awesome sign on Pinterest from House of Hempworths and I just had to make it!  I wish I could say that I bought the template she offers and cut the vinyl out with my Silhouette Cameo…but I have yet to get a Cameo for my birthday, or Mother’s Day, or Christmas.  Someday.  {{{sigh}}}

I had to improvise with what I have.  I used the projector that is in the art room to throw up the image onto a large piece of butcher paper and I traced it.  Then it took me an HOUR to cut it all out.  My template was ready so then I started on the sign.

I bought some cheap fencing slats from HD and cut them to the desired length. I screwed on some support boards on the back. If I had more time I would have let this sit in the sun for several weeks to flatten out and weather a bit, but I was doing this at the last minute (no surprise there) so I did not have time to get the warping out.

Since I did not have vinyl to paint over, I decided to paint the lettering onto the wood. First, I gave it a rough coat of some light grey that we had in the garage. I did not make it perfect and left several areas with the wood showing through.

Next came the tracing around the letters. (I am telling you I was complaining the whole time that I could not just print this out!)

And then came the black paint.

Once the black paint was dry, I used a #0 steel pad to sand away some of the paint.

The finished product.