Record Bowls

For Mother’s Day this year, I had the girls in my Girl Scout troop make record bowls. These were some VERY old Reader’s Digest records that were going in the trash, so I snagged them. The girls each had to design the front and back of the record.

Then I put it in the oven at 200F for about 3 minutes on a small bowl. The sides will slowly melt down and just before they touch the bottom, I grab them out of the oven. The records are pretty warm, but not hot enough to need oven mitts, I just use my hands. If you wait to take it out, they will get VERY HOT and you will need mitts.

I center the record up on a larger bowl and push it down to make the form. You can actually use any shape and even shape it with your hands.

The final product. The moms loved them…not to mention kind of a unique gift.