Unclaimed Baggage

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the luggage that never gets claimed at the airport?  Ok…so maybe you haven’t.  But when you travel for work A LOT, you start thinking about things like this.

Meet the Unclamied Baggage store in Scottsboro, Alabama.

The place is so big there is a map of the departments when you walk in.  It is kind of like a big Marshalls, except all of the stuff in here came out of someone’s luggage that got left behind at the airport, or in the overhead bins, or ripped apart getting on/off on the plane. And some of the luggage was not that of other people, but brand new stuff that was shipped over from China (or where ever the clothing sweat shop is located).

Some of the locals were telling me that they have some great bargains, but like any place like that, you have to know when the shipments come in and you have to be willing to search.

I am all about resale and hand-me downs, but the rows of underwear bothered me a bit.

I was shocked at the number of digital cameras. Most were marked about $20. They had a big counter that you could take the cameras out and actually test them. (And the laptops, and ipads, and ipods, etc…)

My favorite thing in the whole store actually had NOTHING to do with unclaimed baggage. As I mentioned in the previous posts, I am a total 80’s girl. They have a huge display of things from the movie the Labyrinth. How cool is that??? (Well…I thought it was cool!)

Happy Chaos by Soleil Moon Frye (aka-Punky Brewster)

If you have not figured out by now, I am a total 80’s girl.  Through and through.  I am the typical email that goes around…”you know you are a child of the 80’s if you had a cabbage patch kid collection, puffy stickers and know what getting slimed is on Nickelodeon.”  And of course, my sister and I were avid fans of Punky Brewster.  Yes, that show with the orphan who lives with Henry Warnimont, has the crazy shoes and funny personality.  I can’t tell you the number of times I DREAMED of being that little girl!

A few years ago, my mom picked up the first season of Punky Brewster for me on DVD.  Just for ol’ times sake…  Well…MY two little girls were obviously attracted to the cover and wanted to watch it.  Pretty soon that was the only thing they watched.  My mom bought the other 3 seasons to finish our collection.  The girls can tell you what happens in every.single.episode.  (Obsession comes to mind…like mother like daughters…)  I must admit, they don’t make wholesome family TV shows like they used to…

That little girl grew up.  (Both of us!)  Soleil now owns a shop in LA called The Little Seed that sells organic clothing for children.  She has over a million twitter followers and is constantly posting videos and pictures on her website about her life with her 2 little girls.  I am pretty sure she is a great friend…if you are lucky enough to have her as a friend!

In August, she did a promo with Target to release her new book Happy Chaos.  For 30 minutes, she answered questions about parenting on twitter.  After watching the feed for a while I submitted a question…and she actually answered!!!  Punky Brewster saw something I wrote…and responded!!!  I felt like I was 10 again!

Then…the first 10 people to retweet the TargetBaby tweet about Happy Chaos would receive the book in the mail.  You can bet my fingers were moving!  And I won!!! AND she signed the book!!!

I read the whole thing on one of my trips. Maybe because I wondered what it would be like to be someone famous in Hollywood, maybe I am just a big nerd (well…I know that is true!), but the book was really good! Soleil talks about her life growing up mixed in with what she thinks about being a parent now and how it all relates. Aside from the fact that her children’s God parents are the Kutchers (yes that would be Ashton and Demi Moore), everything about her is “normal.”