Tree sale and firewood

We braved the craziness of our local Master Gardener tree sale this weekend.  We were not prepared last year…the advertisements said come early to get the best selection. So we showed up at 8:45 (doors open at 9am) and o.m.g.  The line was wrapped around into the parking lot!  It was like a black Friday sale!  In preparation, we arrived at 8:15am and we were not the first in line.  (This is looking to the back of the line about 10 minutes before it opened up.)

Once we got in, it was a mad dash to make sure we got a Meyer Lemon tree this year!  Our county has citrus restrictions due to a disease that is running rampant, so we cannot transport any out of the county.  The master gardener sale has great quality trees!

We picked up another of each (that we bought last year)- lime, lemon, fig, pear, peach, and some more blackberries.

While we were at the tree sale, Wade had some friends over and they cut up firewood.  (Yes…wonderful friends to come over and do manual labor for some beer!)

And then we burned wood scraps (not freshly cut wood…it needs to cure about a year before it is good for burning).


Framing- Part 2

At the end of week 1 of framing, the house looked like this-


You can see it starting to take shape.  And to think the head guy told us they would have the roof on by Monday…

Since we are building ourselves, there will not be anyone coming behind to clean up.  The trades will do their job and leave.  It is up to us to clean up.  It is like cooking in the kitchen, it is easier to clean up as you go along rather than save the huge mess until the end.

The girls reluctantly helped.  We stacked all the long boards, burned all the small scraps, and swept the whole house. Daisy was so excited to get in on the action!

Every afternoon after work, we go out and pick up nails so they do not rust on the concrete since we will be staining.  Sometimes we miss a few…

Framing continued throughout the week.  They use long boards EVERYWHERE to square up the house (like across all the windows, doors, rooms, etc…), then add more structural support (like the osb on the outside) to keep it squared.  You can really see the progression below.







The end of week 2 of framing!

Framing- Part 1

Framing started this week for the most part.  After a small misunderstanding with the place we were getting our lumber, it was delivered the day before New Year’s Eve. The power pole was also delivered by the electric company.  It was supposed to be installed before the new year…that did not happen.

The guy that is in charge of framing came out and chalked the walls and his crew started on New Years Eve.

And then it rained.  And rained some more.

So, I sat impatiently in our super tiny apartment and designed all of the cabinets for our house.

The sun finally came out and Monday, the guys were back at work framing.

The girls had a day off from school so they spent most of the afternoon out there.  Sydney enjoyed taking panoramics of the guys working.  The girls were fascinated with them building a wall, and then standing it up and bolting it down.

Tuesday had more rain, but it was nice and sunny Wednesday so they guys finished up all of the walls.

More rain on Thursday, but by the end of the day on Friday, the ceiling construction was mostly complete.

On a side note…this water had been sitting in this spot for over a month.  It needed a place to go so I dug out a trench leading to the ditch so it would finally drain!

By the end of the day Saturday, they had the side porch ceiling finished and the dormer support finished.

This wraps up the first week of framing.  Still no electricity.