New property and flooding

As we continued struggling with our culvert, we proceeded to move forward with plans to build a house on our property (once we finally had access…).  We put our house up for sale in April…had a contract on it in less than 3 weeks and closed the end of May.

We figured that once the culvert was in place we would begin building.  We planned on doing it ourselves with Owner Builder Network and already had an agreement with them.  Given that we would do it ourselves and had a good idea of what we wanted, we opted for a small, 1 bedroom, 1 study and 1 bath, 850 sq ft apartment.

The weekend we moved out…we had some major flooding.  Luckily our house that we were selling was high and dry!  The buyers were pleased to see how the water came up close to other houses, but not ours!

Our storage unit was another story…we had 4 inches of water in it, and it cause the boxes to crumble spilling the contents onto the floor…making an even bigger mess.

We also made several trips out to the property to look at where the flooding would happen.  It was pretty much right along the flood zone.  Good for us as we planned on our house location!

That is our creek behind there that is normally dry.  This is the edge of the property where the ditch and the creek comes to a point.