Dreaming of land

It has always been a dream of ours to have a small piece of land.  Ok…or a big piece of land.  But God is not making anymore so it is hard to come by.  After looking for months (well really years if you count the time from when we first got married and started looking), we thought we found the perfect piece of property.  It was 2 acres on a small stocked pond with extra-large oak trees filled with Spanish moss.  Wade went on and on about how it reminded him of growing up on Caddo Lake.  We put an offer on it…and things got weird.  The seller was getting several offers and they decided they wanted a “final offer” and they would choose the best one.  We had no idea how much to offer (we offered 20K over asking price) and in the end it was not enough because we never heard back.

Wade was devastated.  It is hard to understand why things don’t work out as you think they should.

Several months later we found another piece of property.  This time it was 4.5 acres on a small dry creek.  The front was cleared and the back was full of oak, elm and pecan trees.  Hesitantly we offered asking price and the seller agreed.  We signed on our dream property in January of 2015.  And so the adventure begins…