Power Balls

A couple weeks ago we bought some flax seed after hearing my co-worker talk about making power balls.  The girls LOVED them!  I am not sure who ate more, me or Wade.  The girls and I made more today.  It is a great [mostly] healthy snack.

1c honey
1c peanut butter
1/2c flax seed
3c oatmeal
1c chocolate chips
1/2c nuts
1/2c dried fruit (we skipped this because we didn’t have any)

Mix well and enjoy.

Playhouse- Final

If you have been following my blog for more than 6 months, then you have seen the drama over our outdoor adventures.  For example the first phase of our playhouse here, and then the second part here, and the mistakes here, and then finishing up here.  I never did post the final pictures of it.  So here they are.  I will borrow a wide lens to take pictures of the inside later.

The girls were excited that they have a door like Punky Brewster.  Yes…cause my girls have every episode of Punky memorized.

There is electricity (an extension cord) running from the garage out to the top of the playhouse.  This plugs in the AC unit–YES it is HOT in Houston and I don’t want the girls dying of heat stroke–and it also gives them light in the playhouse.

And in case you were wondering…I will NEVER be a roofer!  At least not in Houston!

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