The Somewhat Controlled Garden

Not sure what possessed me, but I decided at about 8:15 yesterday to go outside and weed the garden.  It was bothering me THAT much!  I found that in a day the tomato horned worms were back with a vengeance.  Every year, they come…I never know when, so I just have to watch for them.  In a day they will eat all of the leaves off of an entire tomato plant.  And let me tell you…they leave BIG poop behind!  If they weren’t such a menace…they are very pretty.  I pick most of them off by hand, then I resort to Seven dust.  I have tried natural things, but nothing KEEPS them off.

I mentioned my luffa in the last post.  After looking at it a little more closely, I found that I had 2 HUGE fruits!  They are well over 12 inches long.  I just might get a few luffa scrubs out of this crazy plant!

I found this guy hanging out in the corn.  He was pretty big.  Not sure what kind of spider he is.

And after 2.5 hours is the humidity and heat…this is what I ended up with.  I swear I lost at least 10 pounds just from sweating.  I am pretty sure I had a mild case of heat exhaustion when it was all said and done.  Felt pretty dizzy and had a headache.   I still need to pull the corn, but I didn’t want to disturb the spider.  We have too many flies in our backyard right now to get rid of ANYTHING that will help with that!  (Not to mention the bug zapper is hidden in the luffa.)

The Uncontrollable Garden

We went on vacation.  The girls and I were gone for 15 days.  Wade joined us for 4.  I asked that while we were gone, he pay attention to the garden each day, pick anything that had grown and PLEASE water it.  I know for a fact he did not water the herbs, because those are all black dead.  I can’t tell about the garden because towards the end of our trip a tropical storm moved through we had lots of rain.

This is what I came home to.

The cucumbers got a fungus that pretty much destroyed them.  All the tomatillos fell over into the carrots (they were little when I left).  And the cherry tomatoes all busted from the rain.  The corn is all dried up and the large tomatoes had been eaten by birds.  But it looks like my yellow gooseneck squash might survive.  Of all of it…that is the one I wanted the least.

On the other side of the yard is the luffa.  Ever seen Little Shop of Horrors?  That pretty much describes the luffa.

I also brought back this weird plant from my grandfather’s.  He said it was garlic, and the bulbs do look like garlic…but after chopping one up it has a very strong onion smell.  Not sure what it is, but it looks cool!

Garden May 2010

Here is how our garden looked mid-May.  Not too shabby.  The trellis is for luffa.  I will let you know how that goes! since I have such a green thumb! (kidding…)

More Garden Work

We have been diligently working in the garden.  Wade helped me double it in size and I am SOOOOOOO excited.  When we put it together 3 years ago, we built it right up to the fence.  Not good.  The fence will eventually rot at the bottom and the garden there was not helping.  We knew this when we did it, but no one was living next to us at the time.  We have neighbors now.  So we pulled the garden away from the fence and made a very narrow walkway behind it.  We then separated it down the middle since our yard drains right through the garden.  Before, we had the timbers up on a brick and lined the middle of the garden with rocks.  Now we have a rock pathway.  This will make it easier to get to the middle of the garden.

Here are the girls helping pick up some random rocks to put in the middle.  I am so glad they are not afraid to get dirty!

Here is the new garden area.  I knew that it would be slanted when we put the timbers down…but I had no idea HOW MUCH until I stepped back to take this picture.  I will level the garden in another 3 years…

This is our new vine garden.  We still have to put the trellis up on the wall.  Here we are going to attempt to grow loofah (yes, that is a plant), grapes, blackberries and raspberries.  Whichever doesn’t work, I will pull up and not plant next year.  Surely one of those 4 will work!  But then with my luck…there is no telling.  I had no idea that you cannot grow just 1 plant of strawberries (which I have tried to do the past 3 years).  My co-worker told me they can’t self pollinate.  We bought 10.  They better work this year!